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21 Дек 2017

PHP URL Shortening Script or Tiny URL Script

Frontend demo:

Backend demo:
(user: admin, pass: password)

Create Short Urls:
  • Responsive layout - works on desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Users can enter multiple long urls and create shortened versions that redirect to the original.
  • Users can enter a custom short url part.
  • Set maximum short url uses option.
  • Set expiry date option for urls.
  • Password set option for urls.
  • Detailed information page for each url.
  • Delayed, top/bottom framed or direct redirects.
  • QR codes auto-generated for all urls.
  • Short url API. Create, manage and delete short urls programmatically via your existing website.
  • Urls are checked against Google Safe Browsing & Phishtank for malware or phishing.

Release History:

11th June 2017 v3.5
PHP7 Support, Social Login Plugin, Facebook Login Fix, Performance Improvements and other minor fixes.

- PHP7 support.
- Social login included as standard in the core script.
- Composer integration for third party libraries.
- Fix to Facebook login (new API) on social login plugin.
- Performance improvements on both the front-end and admin area.
- Added support for MySQL Strict Mode.
- Added support for punycode domain names.
- Fixed issue with premium accounts not upgrading on certain payment gateways.
- Improvements to mail handling when using php mail() functions.
- Removed the requirement for MySQLi within the API.
- Fixed issue with php mail() sometimes not sending.


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