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Мусор Nominal - Super Clean WordPress Blog Theme


28 Авг 2016
Nominal is a crisp, grayscale WordPress blog theme. Responsive by design, with all the usual features including options panel, custom shortcodes and widgets, Nominal also is optimized for SEO and speed, in order to help your blog rise to the top of the web.
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  • Widgetized Ads
    No more tinkering around with confusing ad inserts and theme editing. The ad spaces are all widgetized, meaning you can just click and save for ad placements.

  • SEO Optimized
    Rise to the top of the web and dominate the search engines, with Nominal’s built in search optimization that also works with any 3rd party SEO plugins.

  • fast-loading.png

    Lightning fast, Nominal is optimized for speed in order to improve user experience and search optimization.

  • Responsive
    Like all MTS themes, Nominal is responsive and handles different browsers, devices and screen sizes with ease.

  • Related Posts
    Give your users more of the content they love, and increase your own pageviews, using the related posts widget.

  • social.png

    Integrated Social Media
    Stop wasting time with other social media plugins. Nominal includes social media integration that is optimized for maximum sharing and effectiveness.

  • Shortcodes
    The custom shortcodes that MTS has created are included in Nominal, helping you add functionality to your posts in a flash.

  • Options Panel
    Control everything from ad spaces to social buttons from the options panel, a one-stop source for all your theme features.

  • html5.png

    Be ahead of the curve for the next generation of the web, with HTML5 and CSS3 coding that takes advantage of everything these new technologies have to offer.

  • Unlimited Google Web Safe Fonts
    With the included Google Web Font library, you can choose the font selection that best matches your content.

  • Unlimited Color Schemes
    Personalize your new theme by choosing your favorite colors, using the color picker for unlimited choices.

  • Custom Widgets
    The usual custom widgets are included, such as popular and related posts, ads and more.

  • Lightbox
    Show off the best of your media content, using the lightbox that allows your users to see full, rich media in style.

  • Premium Support
    MyThemeShop premium support is included, so you can get assistance with customization and setup if you need it.

  • Unlimited Background Patterns
    Using the new pattern uploader, you can choose any pattern for your site’s background and it will automatically tile and look great.

  • Custom Dashboard Design
    New and unique feature by MyThemeShop, a custom dashboard design that makes access to features easier and your dashboard prettier to look at.
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